Material Topics or Issues of Interest

During the year under review, we have not undertaken a separate stakeholder engagement exercise solely for the purpose of Sustainability Statement. However, we have built on the findings of Stakeholder Survey 2016, with additional feedback received from our stakeholders during our interactions throughout 2017. The respective heads of our business divisions were instrumental in capturing the stakeholder inputs and feeding them to the SWG for analysis of materiality.

We have reassessed the previously disclosed 28 material topics against the 2017 feedback from stakeholders and discovered only minor deviations from our 2016 materiality assessment. The issues of interest or topics that are material to both stakeholders and the organisation are identified. The materiality graph for the year under review is as follows:

The graph depicts the relevant reporting importance of the all identified sustainability related topics. The most important sustainability material topics are located towards the top-right side. The most important points arising from the reassessment of the material topics in 2017 were:

  1. Safety, health and well-being at workplace remains a top priority for Malakoff. We also continue to emphasise our engagement with industry and relevant authorities, as well as to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in all operations.
  2. Issues such as anti-corruption, corporate governance and ethical business practices are not just hygiene factors but can be business enablers, building trust and enhancing credibility.
  3. Operational Efficiency has been redefined from last year as Operational Excellence.
  4. Employee related aspects such as enhanced employee training and knowledge sharing, as well as career development are all inclusive in Talent Development.
  5. Commitment to the environment, and our approach to managing climate change is reflected in the way we manage our power plants emissions, effluents and waste from operations.
The material topics identified are discussed in the following sections of this Statement together with additional discussion on other related sustainability topics. They are grouped according to 3 themes which are Governance, People and Environment.

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