Stakeholder Engagement

At Malakoff, stakeholder engagement is not an isolated or an annual exercise. We continuously seek opportunities to engage with our diverse stakeholders, mainly to gain an external perspective on various aspects of our business and growth. Our proactive approach to seek feedback and understanding the expectations of our stakeholders, equips us with new insights, which are then transformed into new ideas and solutions.

As the Group’s businesses and markets evolve, we find ourselves engaging with a growing number of diverse stakeholder groups. Continuous engagement gives us real-time data making it possible for us to respond to different issues and changing expectations in real-time. Our engagement strategy is simple, and is premised on the need to build trust and strengthen our relationships.

While the process of engaging with all the stakeholders may be resource-intensive and inefficient, we have institutionalised various platforms to keep the dialogue and feedback mechanism going throughout the year. In 2017, we have identified and prioritised the stakeholders as indicated in the following table:

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